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Friday, July 23, 2010

Cricket LOVE

The Cricket as a sport has always intrigued me ever since childhood and although the reasons kept changing with my

growing years, but the fascination has still remained intact. The sport has only managed to grow in popularity over the years

as new formats are being introduced. As our advertisers and marketers would agree, that anything promoted by a current

reigning god of cricket, is sure to be well received by the masses and whatever the product or service may be, getting

cricketers to endorse it, is sure to work and sell products like hot cakes.

Cricket as a game has survived the test of time and has emerged a winner. In some nations, it has managed to create a

niche for itself in the hearts of the compatriots and now reigns supreme like a religion, which unites the nation. The affection

of the fans is as fickle as the performance of the players. A cricket enthusiast who had to leave the space in front of the

television in order to get some work done at office, is now no longer in a perpetual state of depression due to missing out on

live updates. Internet sites constantly update the scores of every live match being played and the individual keeps pace with

every ball played, with the help of his computer.

Now imagine the worst nightmare of a cricket fan. He is stranded in traffic with no access to a television, radio or a computer

and a live match is in progress! In addition, horror of horrors, he cannot get through to the phone of his friends who are

lucky enough to be watching the game. However, websites devoted to it and telecom service providers have done away with

this kind of a torture for cricket fans. The live scores can also be sent to your mobile phone via a short message to the

related website. Now cricket score deprivation is indeed a thing of the past and best forgotten.

The fans who are strongly attached to the game can further utilize the cricket special sites. The websites not only offer live

score updates but also the whole paraphernalia associated with the game. Be it posters, images of the players, records and

statistics and general news and information related to the game, one can find it all on a cricket related website. A true fan

will also thoroughly enjoy the discussion forums that are an integral part of such websites. Therefore, if this is what makes

your heart beat faster then it is time to try out every avenue connected to the game and connect to the world through this

amazing game.

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