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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cricket Legends

THAT Everyone knows Sachin Tendulkar was... invited by cricket legend Don Bradman to his Adelaide home on his 90th birthday on 27th august 1998.but do you know what was the conversation between two legends of the cricket.

Read here what Sachin told Sanjay Rajan of sportstar (2september 1998): “I was tense. Didn’t know where to begin what to ask.but sir don made us feel easy.he spoke&we listened in awe.”

Sachin Tendulkar: “bradman spoke about present day game.he watches lot of cricket on television,spokeabout the present day game.he said the standard now very high&competitive&the fielding very good.though he loves test cricket.”

Sachin to bradman: What was your initial movement while playing quick bowling &your approach to spinners? Bradman: Fast bowler my initial movement was back-and-across& for the spinners an initial front foot movement. Though not a front-foot commitment. Bradman to sachin: If you moved before the ball left the bowlers hand.

Sachin: I don’t know. Bradman:I think you do. you begin your movement before the bowler bowls, otherwise you wouldn’t have the time to play the kind of shots you do.

Bradman to sachin: Did you have any coach? Sachin: I have had 3 caoches.1in school,1at state level & 1 at the test level.

Bradman: I didn’t think you were coached because anybody who’s been through coaches is told to play with the left elbow pointed towards don’t do that.i didn’t do that.that gives you the flexibility to play in any direction anywhere.

Sachin to Bradman: what was your mental preparation before the big match?

Bradman's answer surprised Sachin: I would work in office between 7and 10 in the morning,play the match & go back to work again. Bradman repeated once again his observation that sachin was the best batsman In the world at the moment.&the closeste in style to the way he himself had played.he thought that a many contemporarybatsman.lara took more risks.

Warne agreed: “Yes,he takes more risks.i think I can get him outanytime I want.he has so many openings but with sachin tendulkar the problem is that there are no opening.he can spot the length of a delivery better than any other human being. Before leaving Sachin told bradman India was scheduled to play a series in Australia in 1999 To which bradman said hopefully I should be able to come & watch.

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