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Friday, August 20, 2010

Indian Cricket God

Generally, If we talk about Indian Cricket and Cricket god in India by the people says none other than 'SACHIN TENDULKAR'

A STORY I Came to know that aout Mr.dalbir,who was childhood friend of sachin tendulkar.An interesting thing is about dalbir in here is about his accident in some how and he is unablae to walk and to his own works.both legs of him are not in a stage to walk atleast,he frustated about his life and then he attempted suicide also...All of his members of his family are in a mood of frustration.Then they thought that to inform this sad sictuation to Sachin...after sachin was shocked about his childhood friend....Sachin beared total money for his operation....'A friend in need is a friend indeed' proven with his generocity by sachin.....THIS Is sample thing How why Sachin is Placed in people hearts...
SACHIN WE love u alll....

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